About Creators

the vision of a product that comes directly from the forest


Furniture made by solid wood and good ideas

The roots of QRV are made from the experience and passion of Angelo Moras for researching techniques and technologies concerning wood bending.

His experimentation and family tradition have merged in this particular solid wood processing for about 30 years.

Our brand grows on fertile soil that is fed by the quality of the material (certified wood that comes directly from the forests) and the continuous innovation of ideas.

THE tRUNK tHAT takes shape from these roots will give rise to infinite ramifications.....

In this growth contributes the architect Paolo Cogliati, a designer from Milan, who knows wood very well and has invented new ways of living the home since 1987. This collaboration leads the QRV brand to have as its purpose the creation of a natural and circular product in all senses. Since comes to life from the forests, brings harmony, warmth and hospitality as furniture to then be able to return to the earth and nourish it again without leaving waste to be disposed of.

About the PRODUCT

You can feel the forest and touch it

The QRV production process is based on steam bending technology, selected from simple rough boards that are carefully folded to obtain different types of furniture (chairs, benches, stools, tables, bookcases and also beds)


Bending of solid wood boards of certified origin

QRV furniture is the fruit of this tree that brings nature to home, not only in terms of aesthetics but mostly thanks to the touch, consistency and resistance that solid wood offers. We work with: ASH, OAK, WALNUT, CHERRY


A natural product with natural finishes

- Surface treatment by simple sanding or sandblasting
- Finish with lye that we produce from the ashes of our process waste, soap or oil and natural waxes


You can use it wherever you want

QRV solid wood furniture activates the senses and has the flexibility to be used in residential environments as well as in public spaces (restaurants, bars, wellness centers, hotels) both indoors and outdoors, as long as they are sheltered from the rain.


elegant and resistant curved furniture

Design based on simplicity, linearity and lightness with the aim of enhancing the properties and characteristics of the material, the resistance and the tension of the curved wood.